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Organisation / ChiffresA team spirit

« Meta Productique aims at preserving from the technical skills and human values, the solidarity and enthusiasm that enable the company to grow and develop hith-performance and high-quality applications »

Gérard BADARD - Managing Director

12% average annual growth

250 GTB references

50% of the turnover in M.E.E

10 year EDF partnership Energy Efficiency


Chairman & Chief Executive Officer : Dominique BLANC, creator of the company
Deputy Chairman Chief Executive Officier :  Gérard BADARD
Personnal Assistant : Sylvie TIMOTEO


Administrative Manager : Odile MARIANI


Project manager Industry : Florent TONSON
Project manager BMS : Olivier CASTELLET


Product manager KmProd : Patrice BAYLE


Sales Representative : Gérard BADARD

Computing development team

5 collaborators

Integration team

15 collaborators