Know-how : Editing software packages and Solutions for industry

ProgicielsKmProd, MES & Continuous Improvement

In the nineties, defining manufacturers' needs enabled the development of the CIM functions than the MES creation (manufacturing execution system), its qualification and standardization. The application of manufacturing processes and quality improvement methods also became widespread. (Lean, Six-Sigma,  Continuous improvement).In 2000... KmProd arose from these  concepts.

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Software package

Industrial supervision
SI Industrial & Workshop
Performance analysis
Integrated energy management
Continuous improvement


Meta Productique, having industrial expertise gained in the study and development of systems, supervision and optimization applications of workshops in industry, today is focusing its knowledge on the advice and edition of its production monitoring and Mes software packages. The latter are genuine foundations of systems integrating the development of technical specialized modules which are optimized and which can interact. They enable to create or complete the factory or workshop industrial information system.


  • Editing industrial software packages of production monitoring (KmProd)
  • Creating solutions and MES applications
  • Developing industrial computing on the standards of the market
  • Integrating process supervision applications
  • Revamping of softwares, applications and systems
  • Application technical training (authorized training center)
  • Advice and audit of production sites
  • Remote on-line updating
  • TMA, Third Application Maintenance