META 2e : Maintenance

MaintenanceKnowledge of the site and regular monitoring effectiveness

Meta 2e offers BMS installation maintenance contracts for monitoring, reactivity and continuous improvement.

BMS maintenance contracts

The maintenance contract enables efficient and  long-lasting monitoring of your installations with climate of trust, transparency and confidentiality.

Hot line

Assistance in the period foreseen by the contract
As soon as our customer faces up to a problem, he can call our dedicated phone number. A specialized technician provides a solution to the problem encountered, either directly, or by controlling the computer remotely.

On-site intervention

If the problem encountered can't be solved remoteley, a technician rapidly intervenes on-site after detecting the failure.

Intervention special tarif

In addition to a perfect knowledge of the site and the efficiency of a steady installation monitoring (data stored), the maintenace contract enables our customer to benefit from a special rate for any on-site intervention outside the contract (assistance outside the contract, configuration and installation of new equipment or sotwares...).

T.M.A. (Third Application Maintenance contract)

Commitment of means

  • Maintaining abilities on applications
  • Regular intervention of a product manager
  • Application use monitoring
  • Control of real data
  • Inventory and qualification of customer's demands
  • Coordination and control of improvements


  • Guarantees the correct handling of the system by the workshop's staff
  • Maintaining a production dynamics around the tool
  • Better knowledge or processes