Know-how : BMS - Building Management System

GTBA true added value

BMS systems enable to centrally supervise all technical facilities that consume commercial and industrial building energies, whatever their brand (heating, air-conditioning, lighting, cold groups, furnaces). It is more than a simple tool, it is a strategic element of your company that provides you with a true added value.

Monitor softwares and equipment to supervise all of your facilities

Piloter des logiciels

Control of federative networks KNX, LONWORKS, BACNET

Energy eco-efficiency in all applications.

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Meta 2e  has been integrating and deploying  BMS in all kinds of buildings for twenty years  with  the following features :

  • Office flexibility
  • Intermittence of school buildings
  • Hotel comfort
  • Service continuity (GTE) of hospital facilities
  • The financial control of manners in territorial communities
  • The control of food cold in hypermarkets

Meta 2e's BMS, an accessible tool

BMS users are not computer specialists. Our teams strive to simplify computing interfaces in order to make them accessible. The technical features of tools should disappear as their reason for being is to provide comfort to employees, savings to owners and reliability to equipment.